What exports do I get in PropertyRadar?

You can easily create a CSV file (Excel format) from your saved lists that allow you to:

  • Export
  • Print
  • Create labels
  • Send mailers, or
  • Analyze the data to determine your market focus

PropertyRadar makes it easy with one-click to download your export file to your computer.

Depending on your subscription package, you can export information for 5,000-20,000 properties per month. Additional exports beyond the monthly limit cost between $0.02-$0.05 per property, again depending on your subscription package.

Up to 59 different property attributes (columns) can be exported, depending on the search feature or list you use. And, you can manipulate the data gathered; including deleting, adding, sorting or editing columns, rows, formulas, etc. 

The 59 property attributes that can be exported from PropertyRadar (depending on the search feature you are using) include:

  1. Radar ID
  2. APN (Assessor's Parcel Number)
  3. County
  4. Address
  5. City
  6. State
  7. Zip code
  8. Owner
  9. Owner first name
  10. Owner last name
  11. Owner spouse first name
  12. Owner 2
  13. Owner address
  14. Owner city
  15. Owner state
  16. Owner zip code
  17. Owner phone
  18. Primary residence
  19. Property type
  20. Units
  21. Square feet
  22. Year built
  23. Beds
  24. Baths
  25. Lot size
  26. Pool
  27. Stories
  28. Estimated value
  29. Estimated total loan balance
  30. Assessed value
  31. Assessed year
  32. Annual taxes
  33. Foreclosure stage
  34. Recording date
  35. Trustee
  36. Trustee sale number
  37. Trustee phone number
  38. Sale date
  39. Sale time
  40. Sale place
  41. Postponement reason
  42. Published bid
  43. Opening bid
  44. Winning bid
  45. Default amount
  46. Default as of
  47. Foreclosed estimated loan position
  48. Foreclosed loan date
  49. Foreclosed document number
  50. Foreclosed loan amount
  51. Foreclosed loan lender name
  52. First loan lender
  53. First loan date
  54. First loan amount
  55. Second loan lender
  56. Second loan date
  57. Second loan amount
  58. Listed for sale
  59. Listing price
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