How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to see you go! Is there anything we can help you with before you cancel your subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply send a request to Support

From within the app, you can contact the PropertyRadar Support team at anytime to cancel or ask a question by using:

  • the Main Menu icon  within the app, then .

From the website:

  1. Click Support in the upper right-side to open our Customer Support Center.
  2. For help with our services or to cancel, you can click
    The Submit a request form is displayed, where you provide your email address, a subject header, and a description of your problem with the app. If you still wish to cancel, enter "Cancel Subscription" in the Subject or Description text box.

  3. Optionally, you can also provide your phone number, and the best times to reach you during Pacific-time regular business hours. And, you can attach a file for us to review for help, such as screen shot of the app where you have a question.
  4. Click .

The PropertyRadar Support team will receive your request and will take care of your request during normal business hours. You will receive a response confirming your cancellation.

* If you do not receive a written confirmation of your cancellation within 24 hours, we did not receive your request. Please re-send your request immediately.

* Paid subscriptions are non-refundable. 

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