~ Oregon Foreclosure Process

Notice of Default

Start of the foreclosure process and sets the initial auction date. The Notice of Default and Election to Sell is recorded.
ORS 86.735

Notices of Default are not recorded in Oregon, therefore PropertyRadar does not track NODs as preforeclosures.

Notice of Trustee Sale

The Notice of Trustee Sale can be served and published after the Notice of Default and Election to Sell is recorded.
ORS 86.740(1)

Publication is once a week for 4 weeks with the last publication being no sooner than 20 days before the sale.
ORS 86.750(2)

Before sale Trustee must record affidavits of completed service and publication
ORS 86.750(3)


Initial auction date. At least 120 days from service of Notice of Trustee Sale and at least 20 days after last publication.
ORS 86.750

Auction may be postponed for up to 180 days before process must restart.
ORS 86.755(2)

Default may be cured with loan reinstated up to 5 days before sale if debt brought current with no acceleration.
ORS 86.753(1)

Trustee’s Deed

Transfers property to highest bidder.

Possession granted 10 days after the sale.
ORS 86.755(5)

There is no right of redemption in a non-judicial foreclosure.

Generally there is no deficiency judgment.
ORS 86.770
Debtor is subject to a deficiency judgment unless loan documents prohibit.

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    Good way to make sense of the whole process. Just wanted to add to this that Oregon's Sheriff Association provides both foreclosure property listings, as well as foreclosure prevention resources, online at http://oregonsheriffssales.org/

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