Using Account Settings

The Settings menu provides access to your account information, and allows you to change your PropertyRadar preferences. Your preferences can be very powerful tools for messaging, searching, and marketing.

Click  to display the Main Menu, then .

The Setting menu provides the following sections:

My Account

Under the My Account heading, you can click one of the following links to access the relevant preferences:


To update your contact information:

  1. Click Contact.
    The Contact Information window is displayed. 
  2. Using this window, keep your first and last names, address, city, state, Zip code, email address, and phone number current.
  3. After making any changes to the fields, click  to apply your changes.


To update your password:

  1. Click Password.
    The Password window is displayed.
  2. Enter your current password.
  3. Enter a new password.
  4. And, re-enter your new password.
  5. Click  to change your password.


You can change your subscription (package/term), change your payment method, or access the link(s) to cancel your subscription using the Billing window accessed from the Settings menu.

To open the Billing window click Billing.

To change your subscription, click Change Package under the Actions heading in the Billing window. In the Change Subscription window you can:

  • Choose the Package you want.
  • Choose a billing cycle of monthly, or annually.
    By paying for a year in advance, you receive significant savings.
  • Select a payment method for subsequent billing cycles. You can use your card already in the system, or add a new credit card to be used.
  • Click  to submit payment to PropertyRadar.

To change your payment method, click the link for Payment Method. In the Update Payment Method window you can:

  • Select an Existing Payment Method from the menu list.
    Or, select Add New Credit Card, and provide your card Card Number, Expiration, and Billing ZIP fields.
  • Then, click  to change your payment method.

To cancel your PropertyRadar account, you can either:

  • Contact our Customer Support team by clicking 
  • You can also use the Billing window opened by selecting  Settings > My Account: Billing. In the Billing window, and click Cancel under the Actions heading. In the Cancel Service window displayed, click  to open the PropertyRadar Customer Support page. 
  1. If you click .
    The Submit a request window is displayed.
  2. Provide the required field information including: 
    • Your email address: Your subscription email address for Support to confirm your cancellation
    • Subject: A brief "unsubscribe" message, or issue you're having with PropertyRadar
    • Description: More information on why you want to unsubscribe or about the issue; to make sure we can help you and other PropertyRadar users in the future.
    • Phone: Optionally, you can provide your phone number where we can contact you, if you would like us to call you during our business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am until 5pm, Pacific Time. You can also provide the best times to call in the Details field.
    • Attachments: Optionally, you can attach a file for us to review for help, such as a screen shot of the app where there's a question.
  3. Click .
    The PropertyRadar Support team will contact you to take care of your request.

Team Accounts

By setting up team accounts with other PropertyRadar subscribers, you can access the powerful features that allow for:

  • the ability to share saved searches, and saved properties (including: Interest Level, Status, Lists, Photos, Notes, Files, Investment Analysis, and Title Research and documents).
  • the ability to create workflows to manage the investment process by using property information (status, lists, etc.) to coordinate work between team members.

There are two roles Team Members can be, either:

  • Admin: can add, delete, and view members
  • Member: cannot add, delete, or view other team members

To set up team accounts, select Team Accounts from the Main Menu options. The Team Accounts window is shown, in which you can:

  • add a team
  • edit the team name
  • add team members
  • remove team members
  • delete a team

Adding a Team

  1. In the Team Accounts window, click Add a Team button.
    The New Team window is shown.
  2. Enter a new team name, then click .
    The team you created is opened under the Teams heading.

Editing a Team Name

  1. In the Team Accounts window, click .
  2. In the team name field, select and delete the current team name. Then enter a new team name.
  3. Click .

Adding Team Members

  1. In the Team Accounts window, click  for the team to which you want to add team members.
    The selected team account opens.
  2. Click .
    The Team Accounts window opens.
  3. In the text field at the top of the window, type the email address(es) for PropertyRadar customers to invite to this team.
    Separate email addresses with a comma.
  4. You can select Admin for a team member's role, the default is Member.
    Admin team members have permission to add, delete, and view members. Members do not have those permissions.
  5. You can change the Welcome Message, or use the default message provided. The Welcome Message is sent to the email recipients of this team account invitation.
  6. Click .

Removing Team Members

  1. In the Team Accounts window,click  for the team from which you want to remove team members.
    The selected team account opens.
  2. For the team member(s) you want to remove from the team, click Remove.
    The Remove Team Member window is displayed.
  3. If you are sure you want to delete the selected teammate from the team, click .

Deleting a Team

  1. In the Team Accounts window,click  for the team you want to delete.
    The selected team account opens.
  2. Click .
    The Delete Team window is shown to confirm deletion of the team. Explaining that once a team is deleted, it cannot be recovered. All data saved with this team will be lost for all team members that belong to the team.
  3. If you are sure you want to delete the team, click .
    The team is removed from PropertyRadar.

Messaging Preferences

You can set up the Email and Alert messages that are sent to your selected contact(s) through PropertyRadar, using the Settings > Messaging Preferences.


When you email property information to clients and coworkers using PropertyRadar you use the Email Report window.

To set up your default preferences for the email message and BCC field in the Email Report window, select Email under Messaging Preferences in the Setting menu. 

To set up your default preferences:

  1. Select Settings> Messaging Preferences: Email.
    The Email Defaults window is displayed.
  2. Type the BCC email address(es) where you want your outgoing email message sent.
    We suggest sending a BCC (blind carbon copy) to yourself or a teammate, to keep track of your email activities. Separate addresses with a comma.
  3. Type a default email message to be reproduced in the Email Report window.
  4. Click .


When you set alerts to remind you of new matches or status changes to your Saved Searches or Lists, you'll need to provide the email address or smart phone number (for text messages) where the alerts are to be sent.

To set this default contact information:

  1. Select Settings > Messaging Preferences: Alerts.
    The Alert Defaults window is displayed.
  2. Type the Email address where you want alerts sent, then Re-enter the same email address.
    A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. To ensure you receive alerts, add to your address book.
  3. To receive alerts via text messaging, provide the information in the Email to Text Message fields, including:
    Carrier: select your cell service carrier from the menu provided.
    Cell Number: enter your cell phone number, starting with the area code.
    Re-enter#: enter you cell phone number again, to received a confirmation text message.
    Text messaging fees may apply. Text messages are sent via your carrier's email gateway. Email gateways may not work for all numbers.
  4. Click .

Search Preferences

By entering your search preferences, PropertyRadar provides information how you want it. Using the Setting > Search Preferences, you can select your default location.

Default Location

By selecting a default location, your searches will automatically default the map and the Trustee Sale Schedule to the state and county you choose.

To set your default location:

  1. Select Settings > Search Preferences: Default Location.
    The Search Defaults window is displayed.
  2. Select the State you want as your default search location from the menu.
  3. For Trustee Sale Schedule searches, you can select a County as your default from the menu.
  4. Click .

Marketing Preferences

PropertyRadar provides you with marketing tools to help you in your business dealings. By setting up these marketing tools with your information, you can brand reports, create a public profile, and add the PropertyRadar website widget to your website.

Report Branding

To set up your PropertyRadar account to brand the reports that you send to your contacts:

  1. Select Settings > Marketing Preferences: Report Branding.
    The Report Branding Settings window is displayed.
  2. Click Report checkbox Reports to brand your reports with your contact information.
  3. Type your contact information into the required fields, including:
    • Company Name
    • Name
    • Business Phone
    • Email
    • Website
  4. Click  to apply your changes to your reports.

Public Profile

To promote your business with the PropertyRadar member directory:

  1. Select Settings > Marketing Preferences: Public Profile.
    The Public Profile window is displayed.
  2. Click Public Profile checkbox Public Profile to allow your contact information to be shared with other PropertyRadar customers.
  3. Type your contact information into the text fields, noting text fields with * are required:
    • Company Name*
    • Name*
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Primary Location*
    • Business Phone*
    • Mobile Phone
    • Email*
    • Website*
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • License No
  4. Select a Category* for your business from the menu.
  5. Type a Service Profile* explaining the services you provide.
  6. Type the Service Area* locations where you provide service.
  7. Click  to provide your information to the member directory.

Saved Property Preferences

You can set your Status, and Investment Analysis preferences, to speed-up your workflow in PropertyRadar.


To change the default Status labels provided:

  1. Select Settings > Saved Property Preferences: Status.
    The Status Settings window is displayed.
  2. Rename, or delete any Status labels using the 1-10 text fields.
    The default labels include: Screen, Take Photo, Contact Owner, Check Value, Research Title, Submit Offer, Ready to Bid, Listed, Purchased, Sold.
  3. Click  to apply your changes, or  to go back to the previous labels.

Investment Analysis

You can change the default Investment Analysis settings used in the Property Profiles.

To change Investment Analysis settings:

  1. Select Settings > Saved Property Preferences: Investment Analysis.
    The Investment Analysis Settings window is displayed.
  2. You can change any or all of the settings shown.
  3. Click  to apply your changes to the Investment Analysis Settings.

To use the PropertyRadar default settings, click  in the Investment Analysis Settings window.


Clear Local Settings

Do not clear your local settings unless a PropertyRadar support team member directs you to do so. This caution is in place to make sure your data is not lost inadvertently. PropertyRadar Support is available to help ensure your successful use of our tool and data.

  1. Please contact us by going to the Main Menu  and selecting .
  2. Please provide the details of the issue you are experiencing.
  3. Send your request to the PropertyRadar Support team.
    We will contact you as soon as possible during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday 9am until 5pm, Pacific Standard Time.


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