Setting Up Saved Searches and Alerts

You may want to create saved searches to keep current on the property information and FARM (Focused Area Research Market) you're working on.

You will want to set the criteria for your own Saved Search, depending on whether you want leads, lists, or market information from the PropertyRadar Property Search, Foreclosure Search, Trustee Sale Schedule, or Transfer Search.

To Set Up a Saved Search:

  1. Select the type of search from the main menu.
  2. Enter and select your Search Options for this search.
    Narrow down your results by getting your options specific. Use the Summary tab to check all your selections.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the Save button.
    The Saved Searches menu is displayed.
  5. Select Save Current Search.
    The Save Search window is displayed.
  6. Enter a name for your search.
    You can also copy to a Team name to receive the Saved Search information.
  7. Click the Save & Set Alert button to select alert settings in the Create Alert window, then click the Done button.
    Or, click Save to save the Search without setting alerts. You can also set or change an alert at a later time.

To Create Alert Settings:

  1. Open the Create Alert window from either the Save & Set Alert button; or in your Saved Searches click  for the Saved Search that you want to create an alert for.
  2. In the Create Alert window, click the gear button  to set up your Alert Defaults.
  3. In the Alert Defaults window, provide your email address, and/or mobile carrier and phone number to enable mobile notifications, then click the Update button .
    Text messages are sent through your carrier's gateway; email gateways may not work for all numbers. A confirmation message will be sent to verify alert setup. Carrier text message fees may apply.
  4. In the Create Alert window, select the Active checkbox to make this saved search active. 
  5. Select the Alert On options you want; either or both New Matches and Status Changes (see the UI for option explanations).
  6. Select the Notification Method(s) you want.
    You can choose from a Daily Summary Email, an Immediate Email, a Text Message, a Mobile Notification, and/or Save to My Properties.
  7. Click the Done button.
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